Dear Benedictine Preschool Families:                      

Spring is here, with warmer weather, the sounds of birds, and the awakening of many new flowers, bushes, and trees! The children are excited to be able to enjoy the outdoors once again.  At this time of year, we encourage you to follow through with our goal of helping the children to "listen".  Use the sights and sounds of nature to listen and "hear" the beauty of this marvelous creation by God!  Listening is an important life long skill-we all need to practice!

The month of April brings with it the Week of the Young Child.  This is a special week when all our thoughts turn to celebrating the wonderful children in our school. The week is filled with daily exciting activities in which we encourage your child's participation. The schedule of events for the week is listed on the calendar and in the attached special newsletter.  We end the week on Friday April 28, with our Annual Continental Breakfast.   All Benedictine Preschool families are welcome and encouraged to attend our annual  breakfast! Please see the sign-up sheets at the sign-in table later this week! In preparation for this week we will send home our annual survey.  When you receive the survey, please take a minute to share your thoughts about the preschool, and return the form to the basket outside the school office.

April is also the month we traditionally host our science project from Quiver Farms.  This year is no different. We are anxiously waiting to hear from Quiver Farms on the delivery of our Cavy  Project.  We will be certain to share that date with you as soon as they contact the school.

At the last meeting of our Advisory Group the idea of a Spring International Night was discussed in place of our Spring Pizza Night. After hearing from a number of our families we have decided to  move forward with this idea, and are looking for a Friday in May to schedule this event.  But help is needed! Please consider attending a planning meeting on Tuesday April 11 at 2:45 in the    afternoon.  A flyer on this meeting is attached to this newsletter.

During the preschool years, children's development should focus on good oral communication skills.  Let your child hear you describe your actions as you prepare meals and work around the house.  Let them participate in conversations frequently. Also, make sure they have the opportunity to exercise their mouth muscles.  Try to provide foods to your child that require them to really chew (like  sandwiches on hard rolls and sugar free bubble gum), and practice blowing by offering them bubble solutions with various wands. Encourage appropriate grammar and avoid "baby talk". Language  skills are considered important for future academic success.

Our fall and summer registrations opened to students in mid- February, and we again ask our families to spread the good news about who we are at Benedictine Preschool!  If you have not returned  your registration form for the summer or for the fall, we kindly ask you do so as soon as possible. The staff is working hard to plan a fun and educational experience for your children this summer.    We do hope you will consider having your children join us for either all or part of the summer program.

We have been talking to the children about this special season we know as Lent. We encourage you to join with us and remind your child this is a time when we should be practicing kindness to our  families and friends just as Jesus taught us!

Our spring break begins on Friday April 14, as we observe Good Friday.  We will remain closed the following week, re-opening on Monday April 24 for the WOYC  activities.

Wishing you all a joy filled Easter Season!
With kindest regards,
Your Director              

Thought for the month "...This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it and be glad. "               Psalm 118: 24

Teaching from the Heart: The lessons of Lent are not to be forgotten with the celebration of Easter, but rather we should continue to live the message, and love as Jesus loved!   Joy, for the love of Jesus, should be at the center of this holiday and of our lives.  However, children need to be taught joy.  We know children learn best through play and some of the characteristics of play are that it is a joy-filled experience, spontaneous in nature and fun!  Open the door to a life filled with joy for your child:  take time to play with your child pointing out the experience as one of joy and rejoice in spending some playtime together!

Ask me about it: A conversation is defined as a dialogue involving at least four exchanges.  Try having a conversation with your child on the following ideas from their classroom experience;

From Ms  Stefanie , Ms Chris and Ms Erin:
~ the author, Laura Numeroff
~ the many foods we have cooked this month
From Ms  Yasmin,  Ms Christine and Ms Unrandom:
~ our chair project
~ how do you change a work chair to a wheel chair

Looking Forward:
May  Tuition Due-   Thursday  April 13, 2017
Registrations  for 2017-2018  Being Accepted
Spring Break -  Friday April 14 to Friday April 21
Week of the Young Child - April 24-28, 2017
Annual Breakfast - Friday April 28, 2017 Our Cavy Project -  April 2017
Formal Promotion - Friday June 9, 2017 11AM

Thank You's To the many families who continue to save Ink Cartridges. To the many families who continue to place food items in our box for St. Joseph's Social Action Center.