Dear Benedictine Preschool Families:
Welcome to our new and our returning families as we start our 22nd year at Benedictine Preschool! The start of school is always a time filled with uncertainty for the children --and for the adults as we discover new friends and learn what it is like to be away from our dear ones, after the long summer. While we will experience a few tears now and then, the children always amaze us as they adjustment to the school day with minimal difficulty.
Many of our returning families know the teaching staff in the St. Mary’s Room which this year will include Ms Yasmin, Ms Christine and Ms Unrandom. Ms Stefanie and Ms Chris will comprise the teaching staff in the St. Joseph’s Room. Additionally, Ms Erin will continue as an additional assistant afternoons and some mornings. Our teaching staff has been hard at work preparing for this new year and remains dedicated to providing the best preschool experience for your children.
To assist us in running a program that benefits all, we do have a few reminders noted at the end of this newsletter. Please take a moment to review them at your convenience.
Our tuition policy requires one month’s tuition as a security deposit and is applied to your June 2018 tuition. If you have not paid the security it can be paid in increments, but must paid no later than December 31, 2017.
Lunch time is a special time at our school, when we share quiet conversations with our teachers and classmates. It is also a time to discuss and practice healthy eating habits. Please try to send a nutritious lunch, including utensils and avoid snack type foods and sweets. Remember lunch is not considered the main meal of the day at school, so portion sizes should be adjusted to reflect this concept. As the weather turns cooler we encourage you to send in a warm lunch in a thermos or we can warm your child’s lunch. Pizza Day will continue on Tuesdays this year and we send home a flyer with the information you need on this activity.
We do close at 5:30 each day, and encourage you to be on time to pick up your child. However we do understand things happen which are out of your control. If you will be late, please call the school. The late pick-up fee is $10.00 per 15 minute increment or part thereof after 5:45.
We do have a few special events planned throughout the year, the days and times for these events are often out of our control. We will try to give you ample notice of these events and encourage all students to attend on these special event days! Our End of the Year Formal Promotion this year will take place on FRIDAY JUNE 8 at 11 AM. Please mark your calendar.
After a very busy and trying two years, and a great deal of work by the classroom staff, we are pleased to report to you Benedictine Preschool was not only relicensed by the State of NJ but also were awarded a 4 star rating by the Grow NJ Kids Project. We are also thrilled to report we are the first school in Union County to complete this rating process! For additional information on GNJK Rating please stop by the school office or visit
We are looking forward to sharing a wonderful year with all our students!. Should you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the school office.
With kindest regards,
Your Director

Thought for the month
Routines and schedules are important to give children a firm foundation for their future. Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Teaching from the Heart:
Young children are learning every minute of every day, as they watch us model appropriate behaviors, and maintain a consistent routine. Knowing what to expect each day gives children a sense of security and safety. We know from research, children who have consistent routines develop a more positive outlook towards the educational experience and improve their school “readiness skills".

Important Reminders
* The back door at the playground is open from    7:15 to 9:15 every morning.

· * Please do not use the front door  or ring the bell before 9:15 when arriving. The back door is open and there is no one in the office.

· * Sneakers are appropriate for  school,  sandals are a safety concern, and should not be worn to school.

· * Toys should be left at home, except for a small stuffed toy for rest time.

· * Please encourage your children to walk when in the school and try to avoid carrying them!

· * Please respect your child and put your cell phone away when dropping them off and picking them up!

· * When dropping off and picking up your child, please do not park  under the archway or next to the Monastery building.  Please park           your vehicle behind the play yard.

· * All students should bring a healthy lunch.

· * Please label all lunch boxes with your child’s name.


· We thank you!

Looking Forward

Tuition is due before the 15 of each month, for the following month.

October tuition is due on September 15.

Yearly Seasonal Flu Immunization is required by law by December 31, 2017.