Dear Benedictine Preschool Families:

Thank you to all the families who put time aside to meet with their child's teacher. At BP we value your input regarding the learning and development of your child.  What better way to collaborate on this learning than at a conference where our observations can be shared!  If you were not able to meet with your child's teacher, the observational report will be sent home. We ask that you sign the second page of the report and return it to your child's teacher.
An important part of our curriculum is the observation of student interest.  From these observations, the teachers are able to craft a project that focuses on the important skills children should acquire during the preschool years.  The St. Mary's Room is working on a project involving The Magic Treehouse Series while the St. Joseph's Room has focused on finishing their project on The Llama Llama Series and fall holidays.
Our Professional Day in early November was an opportunity for the teachers to spend time together and review the requirements of our curriculum.
In keeping with the spirit of giving that we highly value at BP, with your help, we collected 6 large bags of groceries and clothing which were delivered to Sr. Jacinta prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We will continue to collect staple food products to bring to Sr. Jacinta at St. Joseph's Social Action Center in Elizabeth, throughout the month of December.  We encourage you to bring in a canned or boxed item and have your child place it in the box outside the school office.
The children crafted Thanksgiving decorations for the Senior Sisters in the Monastery, which were delivered by the students just prior to the holiday.  As part of our Thanksgiving celebration at the preschool we came together as a school and talked about being thankful.  We used a talking stick as Native Americans might have and ended our time together feasting on popcorn and apples. Thank you to the many parents who helped us to celebrate!
December brings us to the holy season of Advent, a time of joyful anticipation.  Oh, how difficult it is to wait when you are 3, 4 or 5!   Waiting is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced.  We practice this in the classroom daily as we work on art projects and sharing supplies. Waiting involves sharing, and sharing, as we know, is also the basis for meaningful conversations.  This holiday season offers many opportunities to practice this important skill.
Throughout the month of December, we will be talking about the birth of Our Lord and the re-enactment of the Christmas story at our Twelfth Night presentation on January 5.  Further information on this special event will be sent to you later this month.
We have numerous activities planned here at the preschool this month. Please refer to the calendar set home last week and the looking forward list below. We encourage you to have your child join us for any or all of these activities. If they do not usually attend school on the day of a special activity, please stop by the school office to make the appropriate arrangements!
We remind you Flu Vaccines are due by December 31. Children are not allowed back to school on January 2, unless they have received the flu vaccine, by order of the Health Department.
The entire staff of the Preschool joins with me in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and we sincerely thank you for sharing your children with us!     Should you have any questions or concerns?   Please stop by the school office.
With kindest regards,

Thought for the month

"... The Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. "(Isaiah 7:14)
"...Wait upon the Lord: be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."       (Psalm 27:14)

Teaching from the Heart:

Our society, especially here on the East Coast of the United States, is very fast paced.  Research tells us children who are impatient often have difficulty in social situations and generally in school.   Children who learn to "delay gratification" (which is what waiting is all about), do better in school and are more likely to complete their schooling.  Encourage your child to delight in his/her waiting.  Start with small "waiting" projects: waiting for the glue to dry or the cookies to bake.  While you wait give the children things to think about or discuss.

Ask me about it:

A conversation is defined as a dialogue involving at least four exchanges.  Try having a conversation with your child on the following ideas from their classroom experience;

From Ms Yasmin and Ms Christine:

Ask me about .......  Our Magic Tree House Project
....  Castles and "The Knight at Dawn"

From Ms Stefanie  and Ms  Christine:

Ask me about...  Our Llama Llama Project
... Buddy the Elf

Looking Forward:

  • Tuesdays are Pizza Days!
  • January  tuition is due on or before  December 15.
  • Putting our shoes out for St. Nicholas Day Wednesday Dec 6
  • Las Posadas at BP Wednesday Dec. 13
  • Santa Visits the Preschool  Friday Dec.22
  • Christmas Break   Monday Dec. 25 - Monday Jan. 2, 2018
  • School reopens     Tuesday January 2, 2018
  • Celebration of Twelfth Night   Friday January 5, 2018 10:45 AM
  • Seasonal Flu Immunizations due with documentation, Dec. 31, 2017.
  • Students without flu shots will not be admitted to school on January 2, 2018.
  • Formal Promotion     Friday June 8, 2018  11AM

Committee Members

The Advisory Committee met for the first time this year I early November.  Although we were a small group, we discussed the purpose of the committee, and how we might  continue to move forward as a preschool. Our next meeting will be in January 2018 where we hope to begin planning our cultural event scheduled for the spring!.

Please Save

The cost of printing pictures is an added expense to the budget.  To help to defray this cost we will be accepting old computer ink cartridges.  Please drop off your used cartridges in the box at the office.

A Special Thank You
**to those who pay their tuition on time!   **to those who donated to the food drive

Appropriate  Attire at School
Children should come to school in clothing free of  difficult belts, buttons ,and  buckles. Clothing should be  loose  and easy for them to tend to by themselves when using the bathroom.  Sweat pants and sneakers for our youngest children are often the best clothing for school! Warm coats, hats and gloves are important too, as we continue to venture outside whenever possible to play. Please encourage your child to put on their own coats and hats. We assist with snaps and zippers, but children should be working on these self-help skills of dressing themselves at home to reinforce what we do at school.

Important Reminders ·

  • Please have your child use the bathroom and be sure to wash their hands before they are signed in to school.
  • Check your cubbie daily!